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Head of the Department: Dr Anikó Borbás, full professor, D.Sc.
Mailing address: Egyetem tér 1, H-4032 Debrecen, Hungary
Phone: (+36-52) 512-900 ext. 22896
Fax:     (+36 52) 512-914

Organization and history:

The parent institution, the Research Group of Antibiotics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1961, as an affiliate member of the Department of Chemistry, University of Debrecen. In 1997 the University and the Research Group established the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The Department has become an independent organization within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003. Staff: 4 research professionals, and 4 supporting professionals and technicians.

Major research topics:

For more information on the research of antibiotic substances carried out in Debrecen klick here. Details of the above research fields are given in connection with the scientific activities of the staff members.

Research facilities:

Research work is carried out in two preparative laboratories and instrumental analytic sections of the Chemical Department equipped with modern instruments (automatic analyzer, HPLC, GC-MS, FAB-MS, FT-IR, 500 MHz and 200 MHz NMR instruments, etc.) headed by experienced senior researchers. Apart from their own research, the instrumental-analytical laboratories, operated jointly by the Research Group and the Institute of Organic Chemistry, provide infrastructural service for the research and education, and also serve as regional analytic facilities for the University Institutes and medicinal factories nearby the city of Debrecen.

Educational duties:

The Department fulfils the education of students of pharmacy and shares educational responsibilities on undergraduate level in training chemists. Following graduation in chemistry, students are welcome to enroll in postgraduate (Ph.D) programs and perform research work on the ongoing research topics.

International connections:

The Department developed fruitful international scientific collaboration with institutes of the major Academies and Universities in Europe, as well as with research institutions in overseas countries (Japan, USA).

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